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Warn the Responsible

It can detect loss and leakage by comparing the total consumption of the main and subscriber counters. When software detects unwanted events it can warn the responsible people.


Your revenue, outgoings, energy consumptions, and all measured and input data can be reported daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Invoice Management

You can manage your current and past invoices and see the future invoice estimates.

Demand Management

You can follow the supply-demand balance and take necessary actions. You can plan your actions by knowing the supply-blance balance in your system.


You can understand more clearly with analytical graphs your revenue, outgoings, energy consumption, and all of the data stored in the application

Subscriber Management

You can authorize anyone for using the application, entring data, just seeing graph. You can track the subscriber when they enter the data and anything else.

Hardware Independent

You can define completely brand-independent unique device in the Winergy Technologies hardware layer.

Data Management

nput and measured values and parameters in Excel or similar file formats are transferred to the system and monitored.

About us

SKT ENERGY can determine all energy consumption problems of the power plants by analyzing more than 1000 data for each building with its technological energy measurement devices and the energy analysis simulation developed within it. Thus, the most efficient and correct solutions for energy consumption problems are presented with a holistic approach.

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