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Today, energy is one of the most important resources. SKT Energy analyzes your system and energy consumption points to increase your energy performance and decrease your carbon footprint. Increased efficiency can lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other pollutants and decrease water use. Improving energy efficiency can lower individual utility bills, create jobs, and help stabilize electricity prices and volatility. Start to save money with SKT Energy. 


Increasing their competitiveness, creating added value, producing quality projects and solutions in the process of realizing the goals of commercial and public institutions of all sizes, Winergy Technologies is successful with its management information system, electronic document management system, subscriber management system, and consultancy services thanks to its expert staff and solution partnerships. undertakes projects.


Analysing your power plant and design energy efficiency project steps. 

Pre-Study/Site Visit

Before the current situation analysis, the land where the business/building is located is evaluated according to climatic conditions, external factors and the purpose of serving, and the items with the highest energy consumption are determined by the approach method.It is of great importance in terms of recognizing the facility or building. Consumption points that were evaluated superficially in the preliminary study are examined comprehensively.


During the study, without interfering with the routine operation in the facility, In the measurements and analyzes that will take place in the enterprise, which measurement How long the work will be done at the points is determined and the management is informed. It is not only machinery and equipment that constitute the energy expenses of the facility or building; Energy management style and personnel energy awareness level are evaluated in this respect.

Detailed Measurement

Our expert team, working in the energy-consuming equipment of the facility or building, performs survey measurements with calibrated and certified measuring devices at certain periods. All of the energy consumption points will be measured and analyzed by our professional team. We have 12 energy efficiency measurment devices. Some measurments we take snapshot of the system but some measurment take two or three weeks.


As a result of the measurements, the performances of the currently energy-consuming equipment are evaluated and compared with the factory label values; Efficiency calculations are reported.Energy consuming equipment is classified according to energy consumption items and the current situation Evaluation is made with the data obtained in the analysis.

Projecting/ Feasibility

The results of the measurement are shared with the management by making productivity-enhancing project studies that reduce energy consumption and/or improve production.Initial investment for appropriate work by prioritizing suggestions that will reduce energy consumption to minimum levels in shared productivity-enhancing projects cost, savings from the investment and payback periods are evaluated.

Presentation / Reporting

All measurement / evaluation / project design studies are prepared in accordance with the report format determined by the General Directorate of Electrical Works of the Ministry of Energy and presented to the management. All measurments and energy consumption problems report to the customer. Also solution for energy usage problem determined by our team.


Study and analysis of energy consumption and costs
  • Combustion control in Combustion Systems, efficient burning of fuel
  • Energy Efficiency in Boilers
  • Energy Efficiency in Steam Systems
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Obtaining the Highest Efficiency in Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Energy Efficiency in Compressed Air Systems
  • Boiler system analysis
  • Draft system analysis
  • Insulation of Hot and Cold Distribution Lines
  • Prevention of Losses in Electricity Consumption
  • Use of High Efficiency Motors
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Use of Lighting Efficient Luminaires
  • Energy Measurement and Monitoring
  • Automatic Control applications
  • Renewable energy, heat pump and cogeneration applications
  • Insulation of Hot and Cold Distribution Lines
  • Prevention of Losses in Electricity Consumption
  • Use of High Efficiency Motors
  • Reactive Power Compensation
  • Use of Lighting Efficient Luminaires
  • Energy Measurement and Monitoring
  • Automatic Control applications
  • Renewable energy, heat pump and cogeneration applications


Warn the Responsible

It can detect loss and leakage by comparing the total consumption of the main and subscriber counters. When software detects unwanted events it can warn the responsible people.


Your revenue, outgoings, energy consumptions, and all measured and input data can be reported daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Invonice Managment

You can manage your current and past invoices and see the future invoice estimates.

Demand Managment

You can follow the supply-demand balance and take necessary actions. You can plan your actions by knowing the supply-blance balance in your system.


You can understand more clearly with analytical graphs your revenue, outgoings, energy consumption, and all of the data stored in the application.

Subcriber Managment

You can authorize anyone for using the application, entring data, just seeing graph. You can track the subscriber when they enter the data and anything else.

Hardware Independent

You can define completely brand-independent unique device in the Winergy Technologies hardware layer.

Data Managment

Input and measured values and parameters in Excel or similar file formats are transferred to the system and monitored.


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SKT ENERGY can determine all energy consumption problems of the power plants by analyzing more than 1000 data for each building with its technological energy measurement devices and the energy analysis simulation developed within it. Thus, the most efficient and correct solutions for energy consumption problems are presented with a holistic approach.

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